From Personalization to Languages and Games: Pitching Night Has It All

Edit 30.9.2015: Complete recording of the event can be found here.Pitching Night

On Tuesday 22nd of September, we’ll have a great set of edtech startups pitching at Sanoma headquarters in Helsinki. After Aape Pohjanvirta from Funzi has stormed, in total eight companies will present their producst, ranging from realtime assessment to teaching coding and even tablets specifically designed for school settings.

Here please find short introductions of each participating startup:


Hailing from Amsterdam, NL, Bomberbot aims at helping teachers to introduce programming to young children of 7-11 years. It has ready-made lesson plans and games to teach programming concepts, as well as a platform for tracking student progress and manage classes. Bomberbot has a low barrier of entry: no prior ICT skills needed to get started.


Latvian Edurio brings giving and receiving feedback in educational settings to a new level. In addition to teachers and students, also parents are kept in the loop. Edurio’s data-based approach is envisaged to improve learning-related decision making. Edurio recently raised a funding round, as reported by Arctic Startup.


“Learn a language in 200 hours.” That’s what Estonian Lingvist promises on their website. It currently has English and French courses, soon to be complemented with Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Swedish. The secret sauce of Lingvist is a smart algorithm keeping track of the stundent’s progress and assisting the student accordingly.


Finnish Hublet is a complete tablet offering for a classroom setting. And by complete I mean the actual tablets, a rack for storing and charging them, as well as a powerful software for managing the tablets. Hublet aims at making teacher’s life easier by harmonizing the tablet fleet so that the time can go to actual teaching instead of configuring individual devices.


Skillzzup is a Tampere, Finland based company, providing real-time assessment. Why real-time, instead of end of the semester? To prevent dropouts by offering the teachers visibility to the difficulties so they can intervene early enough. Dropping out is not only bad for the individual, but expensive for the educational organization.

Edtech Foundry

Norwegian Edtech Foundry tackles an important issue, namely student engagement. It offers a platform, which collects data and triggers students at right moments to activate them. The ultimate goal of Edtech Foundry is to improve learning outcomes, platform being only a tool to achive that goal.


Claned is a Finnish social learning platform. It collects data based on student’s behavior and turns that into a personalized learning experience. Claned has a specific algorithm, which clusters the data from individuals to form groups, or “clans”, which can then be used for personalization.


Finnish Kasauma Education offers the KeeDuu Isles solution for grades 3-6. The solution consists of a textbook, educational videos, engaging assignments, exercises with drills, and the KeeDuu game. The game takes place on a virtual island, where the player needs to perform various tasks.

Interested? Go either to the Pitching Night website or the Facebook event to register. Participating the event is free of charge and will also be streamed online.




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