Is Edtech Hype Over?

I visited the Edtech Europe conference in London’s Kings Place earlier this year. It was organized for the third time, and has doubled in size each year (this time with 650+ participants).

Coffee break outside the beautiful Kings Place

Coffee break outside the beautiful Kings Place

I recommend the event: it is a convenient way to get an overview in one day of what’s going on in educational technologies. Many edtech events are in the US, but this one in London, which makes it especially suitable for Europeans.

Of the three parallel tracks I took mainly part in startup sessions. I got many interesting insights and ideas, but now, after letting the event sink in for a couple of weeks, I think the main theme of the event was that there was no main theme. For the past years, there has always been a flavor of the week everyone is talking about at edtech events, be it MOOCs, LMSs, learning games, personalized learning, or whatever.

There were mentions of all of the above, mind, but nothing stood out more than the others. To me this is a good sign. It means that the worst hype around educational technologies is over and it is maturing as a business.

Another signal indicating of the maturity was that many of the companies I encountered have solid user bases and even make revenues. For example Brainly, one of the startups, reported having 40 million active monthly users. Another company, 2U, makes a whopping $30+ million in quarterly revenues.

Expecting to see more such success stories in the years to come!



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