Gamification in Education

I take part in Twitter education chats from time to time, especially #edchat and #satchat. Alas, it has been a while since my last visit in either… Typically these chats are intensive one hour long bombardments of tweets, where one really has to pay attention for being able to follow the discussion threads. They are great but exhausting. This #slowchatED, in contrast, is really mellow. There’s a topic for one week, and one question per day is posted by the moderator. I urge you to try it!


I moderated the #slowchatED Twitter chat for the last week of May 2015. The topic I chose was gamification in education. I work for a provider of K-12 educational materials in Finland, so it was very refreshing to jump into discussions with (mainly) US educators.

When I asked about gamification examples, the first answers mentioning e.g. Kahoot! were what I expected. Kahoot! does a great job in turning a classroom or a virtual learning space into a competitive environment. I was also told about Classcraft, which I think I had heard before but never really took a closer look. Now I will for sure.

In my job I am mainly involved with online learning materials. Just to calibrate my thinking, I also wanted to find some examples where modern technologies play little…

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