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Altschool Raises $100M From Founders Fund, Zuckerberg To Scale A Massive Network of Schools Around Personalized Learning

The most convincing part of Altschool’s approach is its participatory product development. “Our engineers stay at the school all day. It’s expensive, but the reason we do that is our engineers and designers need to understand the workflow for the student and the teacher.” Exactly.


In one of the biggest funding rounds of the year in education and technology, Altschool is raising $100 million from Founders Fund, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s foundation along with other venture backers and philanthropic organizations.

The move will mark the company’s shift from proving out its ideas around personalized education through building its own schools to sharing or licensing its individualized learning model with other educators that want to adopt its approach. It’s an ambitious and major test as to whether Altschool’s model can be done affordably and accessibly at scale in other parts of the country.

“We have created an operating system that not only our own schools can use, but an expanding universe of schools that start to look more like Altschools,” said CEO Max Ventilla, who said he expects the company to triple or quadruple its number of locations over the next few years to roughly…

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