EnhancEDU is On!

EnhancEDU launch

Snapshots from the EnhancEDU launch

We finally kicked off our EnhancEDU startup program last Wednesday at Slush. We got a room full of people interested in our program and visiting the stands. I am so proud of this, especially since were competing against the Slush 100 pitching finalists who were on stage at the same time. Slush edtech track also partially overlapped with our event, so there’s reason to be very satisfied.

We first described the goals and structure of our program, followed by a good two hours of mingling and demos. In addition to Sanoma people, we had fine companies presenting a wide variety of products. Big thanks to all of them for their valuable input!

That is indeed what EnhancEDU is about. Our main interest is in K-12, but within that scope we are looking for all kinds of edtech startups to boost learning innovations. You can find some relevant trends we are hoping to address from John Martin‘s keynote, presented at Slush edtech track just before the EnhancEDU launch:

So, all systems are go! The program has been launched and we are now processing the contacts we’ve received from you. We want more, mind, so go to our website and submit yours. We’ll also organize events where you can present your products to get feedback and coaching by our experts. The first event will take place in Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, on February 12th, 2015.


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