#EnhancEDU Launch Event Coming Up

It is always better to go to a conference with a presentation, poster, booth, or some other personal mission rather than as a mere spectator. If you present, you are more likely to be approached by others which might result in something useful. As a regular visitor nobody knows what you do or represent until you speak up.

I haven’t been to Slush for many years. Actually, last time was in 2009 when I chaired a panel discussion about how to reward & motivate users on the web. Slush has since grown to be a huge event. This year it sells some 10 000 tickets. I’ll be there again this time, now hosting a specific session for edtech startups.

Our event is a launch for a program we call EnhancEDU. As the name suggests, it aims at enhancing current edtech market with new innovations. We invite companies to approach us and present their products & services. In return, we can provide them with a wide reach in Finnish K-12 market, as well as mentoring and coaching.

At the launch event we will describe the program in more detail. In addition, there will be a couple of interesting startups presenting their products.

So, if you recognize yourself as target audience or otherwise interested in this, contact us via the program’s web site. Furthermore, if you are coming to Slush, be sure not to miss our event. See you there!

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