Halfway There: The State of Finnish #SLL2014 Ideas

Roughly a month ago we started the Sanoma Learning Lab 2014. Here’s a recap and some feelings from our Helsinki kickoff:

As I write this blog post, we are about halfway through the Lab. There has been great development. The teams have been formed and are now working on the following ideas*:

  • Idea 1 assists students to find job opportunities. It does matchmaking by connecting the opportunities in workplaces with skills and interests the students have.
  • Idea 2 is tackling the common need of teachers to have everything they need in one place, fast and efficiently. The time saved can be used for interacting with the students.
  • Idea 3 is set to make 3D printing significantly cheaper and more straightforward for schools than it currently is.
  • Idea 4 is a digital notebook for teachers to give better feedback to students. It enables this by providing the teacher with extensive analytics of the students’ behaviors when they are studying, especially when doing exercises.
  • Idea 5 combines traditional presentations with interactive feedback and various kinds of participation mechanisms.
  • Idea 6 aims at keeping up the motivation of learners. It is a service to keep a record of language learning progress by collecting data from different sources and presenting it in a fun way.
  • Idea 7 is a curriculum-aligned mobile game for lower secondary school pupils to get engaged in the subjects they find difficult to follow and master.
  • Idea 8 is a peer-learning platform for upper secondary students. Students can help each other in various ways, using chat, video, graphics, and other media. By helping others a student earns merits.
  • Idea 9 is a system for answering questions with physical movements. We know that both children and adults sit down too much these days so this is a very relevant research area.
  • Idea 10 is a role playing game for learning history. The pupils can assume various roles in historic events and see how their behaviors in the game turn out (as opposed to how things really went down in history).
  • Finally, idea 11 is an anatomy and physiology game for nursing students to self-learn important skills. The game is organized as a set of mysteries for the students to solve.

This is how the ideas look like at the moment. However, our program is all about pivoting so who knows what they’ve transformed into come next week. Mind also, that these are only the Finnish ideas. There are plenty more from Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Poland.

Check my previous post from the Learning Lab kickoff.

* I left the actual idea names out so that you won’t go and reserve according web domains before these guys get to. 🙂

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