Teachers Play a Key Role in Transformation to Digital

I recently blogged about an extensive study my employer Sanoma Pro conducted among Finnish K-12 teachers. Sanoma Pro is part of Sanoma Learning and has sister companies in Sweden, Poland, The Netherlands, and Belgium. Sanoma Learning also carried out a similar study. Highlights of that study from the Finnish point of view are depicted in the infographic below:

Infographic of teacher study

The findings of this study are quite well in line with what we found out locally in Finland. For example, schools need good digitalization plans, devices for pupils and teachers, and especially teacher training. Generally teachers have faith in the digital future. They are confident that digital content and solutions enhances pupils’ motivation, result in better learning outcomes, and support teachers’ daily work.

The one topic that perhaps most clearly separates Finnish teachers from the rest is the position they see themselves in the future. A whopping 98% of the teachers see themselves as playing a crucial role in the digital transformation. I mean, even the average 85% of Sanoma Learning’s business units is very high, but 2 per cent short of a hundred is quite amazing.

It is no surprise, though, if you stop and think of it. Let’s remember that Finnish teachers are highly valued by parents & society and only 1-2 in 10 applicants get in teacher training which is given in universities (they graduate as masters). Teacher’s role is central in Finnish K-12 education and the digital solutions we come up with should not shatter that but foster instead.

A white paper based on the Sanoma Learning study can be found here (pdf).


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