First Ever @Oppifestival – a Good Mix of Local and Global, of Big and Small

Last weekend the very first Oppi Festival finally saw the daylight. I managed to stick quite well to my original plan of visiting various sessions. I must say that the organizers did a really good job, they had managed to invite amazingly good set of speakers, given that this indeed was the first time this event was organized.

And the famous speakers aligned well with less famous ones, creating a nice mixture of content. The same with nationalities, I think there was a healthy balance of Finland and other countries present.

The two highlights of my festival experience were quite chart-filled presentations. Pasi Sahlberg was comparing Pisa results with equity and other trends with easy-to-understand visualizations of country flags. And in another session Horace Dediu gave a breathtaking unified view of generations, tech trends, and other phenomena.

I also enjoyed very much my own sessions, first the panel with Clare Sutcliffe, Peter Vesterbacka, and Steve Taylor as the host – I think we had a nice discussion on startups, Finland, and education. Then later on I gave a 20 minutes talk about gamification followed by a very fruitful 20 minute discussion on the same topic. See a subset of my presentation below:


All and all, I really hope there will be another Oppi. And unlike your typical Finnish words, Oppi is quite easy to pronounce, so please keep the name even if it will be organized somewhere else. Thanks again for this cool event!

Disclamer: My employer Sanoma was the main sponsor of Oppi Festival.

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