We Are Going to Co-Create with Schools

Well, we have always co-created with schools. By we I mean my employer, Sanoma Pro. Teachers play a vital role in creating educational materials together with our editors and other experts.

But after the summer we are going to try something new. Introducing the Learning Outcomes Accelerator program, which was announced last weeked at the Oppi Learning Festival. Together with local schools in our core markets (Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden), we are going to address digital transformation and how to harness it for creating better learning outcomes.

Sanoma has organized accelerators before, for example in the areas of mobile innovations, digital content, and commerce. Accelerators are short and intense innovation programs lasting for a couple of weeks. Participants from all over Sanoma create hundreds of ideas and then by applying lean startup methodologies end up with a few, of which the best ones are implemented as working prototypes.

In previous programs the focus has mainly been on B2C innovations. The upcoming one is going to include schools, which is for sure going to add a new interesting twist to MVP validation and other ways of working. I’m very excited about this! If you are too, register at the program’s web site to learn more.



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