2 thoughts on “Common Core Is Not the Same as Standardized Testing

  1. Marc Townsend

    Interesting blog post. I for one do not have a problem with standards. They do, as the writer states, provide a “common language”. I do, however, take issue with standardized testing. The two are mutually exclusive.

    I presently teach World History. If my standard is to have students, say, understand the nature and effects of Feudalism, I like that. It gives me a focus as an educator from the Wide World of History. Common Core (CCSS) frees me, and my students, to demonstrate their mastery of this standard in a variety of ways. This is what seems to be lost in arguments against CCSS. In CA at least, the state standards are not going away. The way we test students on their comprehension and knowledge, however, is being driven toward more authentic assessments of knowledge rather than a multiple choice test which serves two purposes. They are easy to grade and they prepare students for the next big multiple choice test.

    Standards provide a common language. Standardized testing, however, does not.

    Thanks again for the post.

    1. Santtu Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Marc, glad you liked the post! Good that someone shares my remark on the CCSS debate being quite confusing sometimes and mixing different level stuff with each other.

      It might be that the fears related to privacy are also causing these irrational arguments by CCSS opponents. When students’ data is concerned, people tend to get very protective. And I think this is very understandable, even though it is again on very different level than the standards themselves.


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