Intel’s Multi-Level March in Education

News got me earlier this week that Intel, which people generally identify as a chip manufacturer, had acquired Kno, a provider of “smart eTextbooks”.

I had to update my knowledge on Intel. I knew that it was big, but it is huge: more than 100 thousand employees and more than $50 billion in revenues in 2012. And there is more to Intel than the ol’ semiconductor chips. For example all kinds of edtech stuff. Take a look at this concept video:

Pretty cool, huh? Of course the example of creating a bridge as a project is quite sexy—good luck trying to come up with something as flashy from learning English or algebra. The video nevertheless shows quite well the multi-level approach Intel has taken in education, including both hardware and software.

However, mere HW and SW are not enough. You also need content. So it sounds like a wise move for Intel to add Kno to its portfolio. Kno’s own technology is nice, but I assume the real reason for the acquisition was that Kno has 75 educational publishers with more than 200 thousand titles in its network.

Interesting to see whether Intel will become a household edtech name joining the likes of Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

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