10 More Things You Shouldn’t Do While Presenting

After reading this delightful post about things not to say during presentations, I got into a small Twitter conversation about more similar things with Jon Marshall and Pauliina Perttuli. Let me list those here, as well as some extras. (Note that the original list was about things not to say, but I’ll extend it to things not to do.)

11. Double/triple introduction

12. Conclusion – bah!

13. Wannabe lightsaber man

14. Does anyone have questions at this point no ok so let’s move on…

15. Laptop solipsism

16. Don’t you dare interrupting me

17. You can find more info in http://www yada yada

Showing URLs on your presentation slides is one thing, they might actually be useful for the audience. Like giving more info links on the final slide. But reading them out loud? There’s an odd chance that someone could grab what you’re saying with Siri or some such, but it’s quite far-fetched.

18. Back to the audience

Don’t do it. You shouldn’t have to look at the big screen. Either maintain eye contact with your laptop or, better, memorize what you are saying so that you don’t have to read anything.

19. My topic is the most interesting there is

It is usually good to assume that the audience has little or no knowledge about your topic. After all, they have their own areas of expertise which are different than yours. This approach helps in coming up with a well-structured and informative presentations.

20. Busta Rhymes

Talk slowly. Seriously.

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