Replace Textbooks with iPads? Stop this Madness!

Disclamer: I work for a provider of educational solutions, ranging from printed books to online content and learning platforms.

It’s the time of year again, when schools are starting and you hear these ideas about getting rid of text- and workbooks at school and investing the same money to tablets. Mmmkay, think about this for a second.

For a while now books have turned out to be quite a nice carrier for content consisting of text and pictures. This is true for educational content as well. However, books are just that, a carrier. Nothing more, nothing less.

The beef is in the content, and the medium it comes in is secondary. So when you propose that out with the books and in with the iPads, you should demand the iPads loaded with educational content satisfying your curriculum.

There’s nothing curriculum-related in tablet’s normal set of preloaded software. You have to go to an application store and start searching. There you can find all sorts of apps, many of which are probably very useful to you. Just be aware that coming up with content and apps satisfying all your curricular needs might be quite time-consuming and cumbersome.

End rant.

I think iPads and other tablets are very fine devices. As they become more common in and outside classrooms, which they will for sure, new innovative ways to teach and learn will emerge.

I for one welcome our new flat overlords. I just don’t fool myself in thinking they are going to magically turn into content. Or make content irrelevant.


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